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Established in 1968, TECO has engineered new, alternative solutions for the many problems affecting traditional refrigeration products. Half a century of experience acquired in the field of industrial and retail refrigeration has enabled TECO to develop a complete range of specialized, innovative products, which combine the latest technology with the highest quality standards.

In 1986 the founders of TECO observed a need for an aquarium refrigeration unit. From that observation, TECO developed their first aquarium refrigeration unit in 1986.

Fifty years later, TECO remains the world leader in cutting edge refrigeration technology. TECO constantly challenges themselves to create and manufacture innovative, state-of-the-art devices with high-quality standards, which are updated constantly by a professional and qualified team.

What makes TECO different?

                   sophisticated technical research, aimed at dramatically reducing overall dimensions while maintaining the highest efficiency and functional standards

                   selective choice of quality components at competitive cost-efficiency ratios

                   constant diagnostic tooling allows for assured component viability and system perfection.

                   modern production systems allow for efficiency and reliability

                   advanced training allows for a perfect product, from start to finish

                   certifications and approvals in compliance


TECO, being a leading company in green energy, strives to produce a wide range of eco-friendly products. By engineering and crafting products that use environmentally friendly refrigerants like R410 & R290, TECO has achieved a line of products that have little to no impact on ozone depletion in the atmosphere. 

At its headquarters in Ravenna, Italy, TECO has constructed a remarkable emission-free office building and warehouse that is fully sustainable and produces zero waste. Using this building as an example, TECO constantly challenges itself to engineer products that are of the same caliber in terms of efficiency, innovation, and environmental impact.


TECO US has been the sole importer and distributor of TECO chillers since 1998. TECO US has trained and certified technicians on staff and has the experience and capability to handle any TECO related request quickly and professionally.